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Save Our Services secures move to investigate Virgin Northampton Health Centres

SOS supporters spoke recently at the Northants 'Health and Social Care' Scrutiny Comitteee regarding concerns about the poor provision of services and care at the Kings Heath and Lings Brook medical centres in Northampton, run by Virgin.  Residents and patients have complained about the lack of cover of medical professionals and doctors, and about the difficulty of securing appointments etc.  Channel Four TV's 'Dispatches' also featured the Surgery at Kings Heath running a program entitled 'Getting rich on the NHS'.   Norman Adams and Dave Green called for the committee to investigate the concerns of patients and the performance of Virgin.  As steps towards privatisation proceed we believe Private Medical companies should be monitored both for present patients and those threatened in the future.

The Committee agreed to examine information brought before them by the proposers and then to possibly follow up with an investigation.

Patients and Campaigners now need to collect the facts and figures for such an investigation.  We call upon all of those who have had poor experiences at these Virgin Centres and others who have facts and stories to get in touch.  Help us build up the case for no more privatisaions of our health service and for an investigation into the running of Virgin Healthcare in Northamptonshire..

Protests as Richard Branson's Virgin empire attempts to take over more of the NHS.

Virgin Northampton GP surgery failures to feature in TV documentary - Mon 29th CH 4 8pm - 'Dispatches'

SOS Campaigners and UK Uncut have organised twice, most recently on Saturday 7th July, to protest at the increasing influence of private companies in taking over and providing medical services in the National Health Service.  Wearing Richard Branson masks and carrying banners opposing the tycoon's move to profit from the NHS they picketed the Northampton Virgin media store and collected signatures for their cause.
The protest organised by 'Northampton Save Our Services' was well supported and Dave Green from the campaign said  "The NHS is held in great affection by the public who do not want a return to private medical provision.  The NHS was introduced to provide health care for all, after private provision had failed the majority of society - The NHS was not founded in order to make profits for private companies, hedge funds and banks, whose priorities are their balance sheets and shareholders' returns.  Already Virgin has control of two health centres in Northampton and control of facilities elsewhere in the country, and patients report that service provision is worse as margins are cut to make profits for Branson and Co'.  If we are not careful the NHS will become a brand name only that is run by private interests, and patient needs will suffer as profits are creamed off."
Protesters say their campaign in defense of the NHS will continue and that overwhelmingly the public support them.
** Channel 4 Dispatches will feature Northampton in
** the program - on the profiteers moving in on the NHS

 Spot the Profiteer

 Virgin Managers didn't appreciate our work exposing their activities in the NHS and called the police saying we were disrupting their trade.  The police, to the amusement of shoppers, arrived in force in squad cars.  We explained our protest was lawful and asked them to inform Virgin they were disrupting and wrecking our NHS! 

Below...One of the SOS leaflets used in this campaign - Please feel free to reproduce and distribute
Below is the leaflet produced by Kings Heath Residents Association regarding their experiences with Virgin Health Care/Assura
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