Time to campaign locally and nationally to  -  Save Our Services
Let's build an effective movement from the grass roots up in a non-sectarian way against all cuts

 We need a campaign that takes the fight against cuts irrespective of whatever party proposes them.

We need a campaign that is prepared to confront the bankrupt parties of Lib - Cons, New Labour, UKIP or whoever, wherever they propose and argue for cuts, be that in our communities, in the council chamber or at the ballot box.  Let's work with community groups, with those affected by the cuts, with trade unions where they are prepared to fight for their members interests and those they work for, and importantly with those millions of people who have turned away from the corrupt political parties and quangoes who carry out government diktat.

We need a democratic open movement, not left party fronts that stifle debate, sit on creativity and oppose others initiatives.

The last thing the growing movement against cuts needs is for left groups and sects to present themselves and their fronts organisations as the font of all wisdom when it comes to fighting cuts.  These parties and sects have had decades of failing to build an alternative to the free market madness we live in and have signally failed in that project.   We need the broadest involvement of new forces in this struggle and new forces and campaigners don't need to be put off or sidetracked by messiahs from whatever quarter.  Self activity and linking up across services, communities and regions is the way to build.  We should oppose all cuts as a campaign - but obviously be willing to work with campaigners who for the moment see only there own project as a priority.

We need to campaign on the streets and in workplaces, to work with others, to initiate campaigns, to take direct action and to stand against the cutting parties in elections to expose their pretence of opposing cuts.

The chance and opportunity now exists to build a movement as strong if not stronger than the anti war movement, to get hundreds of thousands involved in everyday activity in their communities and against local and national policies that decimate ordinary peoples lives the better to prop up a corrupt banking system that demands more and more of our resources.  Let's work with as many people as possible. Let's discuss without building walls between those with differences and let's try to learn how we can defeat the cuts while arguing for the democratic social change that benefits the majority.


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