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Northampton NHS AGM - Awkward questions as Privatisers wait to pounce:   Supporters of SOS attended the AGM of the local NHS Trust at Francis Crick House at Moulton park on the 27th September to hear a glowing and misleading report about how the Coalitions Health reforms would vastly improve the NHS in this area and nationally.  The official reports and video films we  had to watch mentioned nothing of the move to increase the privatisation of potentially profitable parts of the NHS, but concentrated on stressing how a service supposedly run by GPs would improve things for patients, be more efficient and run a lot more services in all sorts of areas.  In short a lot of hype!  SOS reminded the audience of 25 that all the medical colleges and professions had either opposed the new reforms totally or expressed severe doubts about their effect.   When the board members were questioned by SOS supporters about the experience of the Virgin Healthcare (Assura) run surgeries in Northampton, with the widespread complaints about a worsening service with less staff and other concerns, the suits had nothing really to say but they were forced to agree that under the freedom of Information act (FOI) we could obtain details of expenditure on these surgeries.  When asked how doctors were going to cope with this increased workload while continuing their normal patient care they had to admit that experts (in reality consultants) would be employed to advise about the 'buying in' of services.  It was pretended that existing NHS staff would be still involved without admitting that the GPs would in reality not be doing the commissioning of services but would be a subsidiary layer to the financial commissioning consultants that they have to employ under government guidance.  All the talk of patient involvement was exposed when it was admitted that just one ex-officio patient representative would be on the new commissioning committee - alongside these business and financial consultants who would take the real decisions.
Clearly there is a real job to be done here to keep these privatisers under the spotlight and to expose and oppose further moves towards privatisation and the break up of the NHS.

Saturday 20th October - A day of action Nationally and locally:

National TUC London Demonstration against falling living standards:  For details/transport contact number under 'Contact- Links' page.
Northampton Disabled people against Cuts - DPAC activity... There will be a public Stall in Abington St against cuts in welfare for disabled people and attempts to force disabled people back into work, a policy that's been responsible already for 100s of deaths.  Come and join us from 10.30 onwards  Sat 20th October if you can't make the London Protest.

DPAC - Disabled People against Cuts
A new anti cuts group set up by disabled people was formed recently in Northamptonshire and got off to a flying start supporting the national protests against the involvement of ATOS and Government attacks to force disabled back into unsuitable work and to reduce their benefits.  See the special page on this site for details of their activities and reports and photographs of recent protests and public activity.

The Campaign against privatisation and Virgin's increasing involvement in our NHS
The campaign against privatisation of our NHS continued over the summer months with street stalls in Northampton to inform the public, with colourful protests against the increasing involvement of Richard Branson's Virgin company in running more and more of our health services both in Northampton and nationally we got widespread support.
Read the news of the protests and see the pictures - on our special page....

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