Vote - Save Our Public Services - Northampton

Time to elect representatives who will - with you - fight cuts - all the Cuts!

Vote Norman Adams, Harry Tuttle, Teddy McNabb and Dave Green - - 'Save Our Public Services'  candidates

Elections and saving Services

In recent years Save Our Public Services (SOS) has taken its message to voters and fought five elections in Northampton.  In 2007 we gained 470 votes in Old Duston and 200 in Lumbertubs.  More recently we gained 1500 votes in the county elections.  In Old Duston we got 950 votes (getting more votes than any successful Labour or independent candidate in the town - and only losing by 60 votes to the Tories), beating Labour in the ward by 600 votes whilst the Lib Dems got less than 100!

Clearly our message - that present economic and political policies have failed - is getting across.  We don't believe, and neither do the public, that public is bad and private is good - nor that bankers should be handed  hundreds of ¬£billions while services for the majority are cut and privatised.  Nationally we've a government that favours banks business, and the wealthy. Locally we have Libs, Tories and Labour competing to make the cuts that are necessary to fund this obscene wealth redistribution.

Future Campaigns and Elections 

We in Save our Services believe we must campaign to stop these backward policies and contest local and general elections.  It's clear we and our support have made a difference in slowing down and stopping some cuts in services.  If you vote for us it's not wasted. It sends a powerful message to these timeservering politicians, It strengthens our voice in the chambers of authority and backs up the campaigns we'll have to wage to defend living standards and services.



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