Save Our Schools

 Parents, staff and students say academy is not wanted

  • so conservative County Councillors say "democracy is not producing the right results
  • so the consultation that showed 96% against our proposals will therefore be ignored!"

What a way to run a Council!  And these people will be asking for your vote soon at the next election!  Following on from the NCC's appalling record on cuts to vulnerable service users, their financial incompetence which mirrors that of the banking and financial sector, their PFI payouts to business fellow thinkers and money spent on get rich quick consultants, these smug charlatans now follow a policy of total disregard for constituents wishes.  The campaign for democracy and against academies must continue until these councillors are forced to think again.

Stop Press:   Campaign forces academy backer to pull out!

The great campaign against the the proposed academy at Weston Favell school which has been waged by parents, pupils and staff has forced the United learning Trust to back off.  97% voted against the proposals but the Conservative led council still threatens to go ahead with another sponsor.  The break up of state education continues so the campaign too must carry on.  We cannot rely on the fair weather politicians like Lib Dem Andrew Simpson and those in the other parties, who backed academies in the past and still fail to argue for a decent state education for all with the appropriate funding to match the needs.  The campaign must build in the town against other academy proposals and be prepared to sponsor and support protest and strikes by staff and students against any moves to reintroduce academies.               In recent years Northampton schools have been subject to a disastrous Private Finance Initiative (PFI) scheme for the refurbishment and build of schools that is costing us a fortune - that scheme was supported by the same politicians who now jump on board this campaign for fear of losing more support.  This PFI deal costs us a fortune and financiers now control our schools and facilities for 32 years, making a mint as they do so (see overleaf for figures of the appalling costs that could pay for new schools every 10yrs).

No Academies - No PFI - Yes to well funded education.


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