No to Bedroom Tax - Oppose evictions

Northampton protests start the campaign
to send the bedroom tax packing

Opponents of the iniquitous bedroom tax gathered at the town hall on the 30th March to voice their anger and concern at the new cuts against ordinary people that are being imposed by the coalition.

The anger is clear among all who understand what this tax means. Tenants in council or social housing are being penalised by extra payments if it is shown they have an unsused bedroom.  Those millionaires who run our govewrnment, many who run two or more homes and some of them mansions, have decided to make ordinary people pay yet again for the crisis that their banking and friends in the city have caused by dipping again into already hard hit pockets.

Disabled people who might have a spare room, perhaps used by a carer, ordinary people whose kids have moved out and all who cannot prove their bedrooms are not fully used will be forced to pay more or move out to other rented accomodation that's often highly charged. 

The fact is that other accomodation that people can move into is almost impossible to find at a decent rent.  In this society of ours where social and council housing has been cut back and building prevented by this and past governments this attack is contemptible and only favours the tories landlord friends.

We need to show these callous, rich politicians that we won't stand for their assault on decency and fairness. We must support the campaign against this tax and put and pressure labour and other councils not to implement the policy where they have control - fine words don't cut the mustard!  Evictions must be opposed and bailffs sent packing and this policy must go the way of the ill fated Poll Tax of Maggie Thather.

Support the campaign and watch this space.

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